The Alhambra: The story of my family and the fascinating life of María, the last inhabitant

The last inhabitant of the Alhambra, my great-aunt, María Victoria

Casa del Partal – house where María lived – remembering – ST 

María Victoria Carrasco, was the last inhabitant, in the Jardines del Partal, its address, La Mezquita, Alhambra.

In my family, we are honored to have a very special connection with one of the most iconic and beautiful places in history: The Alhambra. My aunt was the last inhabitant of this magnificent place, which is truly unique and amazing.

Las Tres Marías – María and María Dolores (sisters) María (niece, my mother) Partal House – ST 

María Victoria was born in the Alpujarras of Granada, along with my grandfather and his brother and sister , and when she was young she moved to Granada to work. At that time, the houses of the Alhambra were inhabited by workers and owners who lived on the premises.

Manuel Jiménez born in the Alhambra since his mother was born in the house of Partal, in 1807. They met and María married Manuel, one of the watchmen of the Alhambra, in charge of the Tower of La Cautiva and the Infantas.

Manuel Jiménez y María Victoria Carrasco – Partal´s House -ST
Partal´s Houses – María Jesús (yo ) ST 

My mother, María Victoria, her niece, was born in the Royal Hospital, baptized in Santa María de la Alhambra and later during her childhood with her uncles, María and Manolo, in the Alhambra, creating a unique environment where they could experience the majesty of its historic surroundings on a daily basis. María met Eva Perón, or King Juan Carlos I when he was prince, or actresses like Carmen Sevilla.

My parents – María and Juan – Honeymoon in the Alhambra – ST

My parents lived in Pamplona where I am from, and every summer we came to their house in the Alhambra.

Until the year 2001 we continued to spend unique moments in the house of Partal, the house that the King in 1550, granted to the Count of Tendilla, for his squire Astasio de Bracamonte . They also shared the so-called “Casa de Las Pinturas” that my grandfather told a story that I will leave for another time.
During my summers since I was little, I had the privilege of spending them at her house in Partal, an experience that was truly exclusive and enriching.

Imagine the feeling of walking through the same places and courtyards that once witnessed the greatness of the past. Every corner of the Alhambra has a story to tell, and in my family we have had the honor of being part of that story in a very intimate way.

Our afternoons with our friends from the Alhambra -ST 

Our afternoons with our friends from the Alhambra -Sonríe Travel 

The Alhambra has always been a place that has inspired artists, writers and travelers from all over the world, but for me and my family, it goes further.
It is the place where my childhood memories come to life, where architectural beauty meets family stories, and where exclusivity intertwines with family and historical heritage.

My first summer in the Alhambra in 1970 with my mother María Victoria -Patio de los Leones – Sonríe Travel

A Legacy that I like to share with our travelers, so that they can understand the magnitude of the connection that my family has with the Alhambra and how this exclusive experience has enriched our lives in a way that transcends time and space. A Legacy that we have also contributed to the Library of the Board of the Alhambra, so that it endures in history.

The Alhambra, with its impressive architecture and rich history, has captivated people from all over the world for centuries, although not everyone can tell the luck to live in it.

It is a testament to the deep connection our family has had with this magical place. A story that only those of us who have lived it can tell.
Maria Jesus – Private Experience

The Alhambra in Granada Smiles at You



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