Why Sonrie Travel

Sonríe Travel

We designed costumized Luxury Travel and Events exclusivity in a design made just for you. 

Spain it is your destination, where we look for places with soul. You will meet unique people in incredible destinations. Andalusia and it is Andalusian Legacy ,The Basque Country or Navarre and it is exquisite gastronomy, Madrid for shopping and art, Catalonia for culture and customs, Ibiza where the sun and parties are exclusive, are some of the destinations that you will experience with us.

For other destinations in different parts of the world, such as Morocco, France, Italy or long distance, we have specialized collaborators in each of them.


Signature Travel  and Events , private and exclusive, through culture, history and art, gastronomy and crafts,flamenco, your roots, or Legacy of cultures. Five stars hotels and boutique, villas, local guides, private transfer or historical spaces. 

Travel with Sonríe Travel . Why? 

Personalized advice and attention, before, during and after your trip. A close collaboration with our partners and suppliers at the destination means that everything is organized in detail for you. Permanent contact during your trip. We seek well-being in the community, we work for the excellence of responsible tourism that is respectful of people, the environment and the destination.
Each person is unique and we make each trip different because we love what we do and each one of them is a New creation for us.

Travel is not luxury, Luxury is You in our Travel.       

María Jesús Del Pino Victoria

Travel designer

A Navarrese in love with Granada, the place where I have lived for 30 years and from where we design our trips. 

My mother is “Daughter of the Alhambra” and I have been lucky enough to enjoy a private Alhambra, being my great-aunt “María Victoria” the last inhabitant in the Partal, which led me to fall in love with Tourism since I was little , although later my professional life has been very enriching in different areas.

I have traveled and lived in different parts of the world, always delving into the local, cultural, gastronomic life, living its authenticity, the essence of every corner and destination.

We believe in people who help others, associated with “Doctors Without Borders” (MSF)  for more than 30 years.

I work in love with my profession, seeking excellence in Responsible Tourism, and enriching for the community. I enjoy the smile of people when they take back to their places of origin the memory of what they experience with our trips.

Day by day we continue to improve ourselves, learning from others and with others. Collaborations enrich people and our destinations