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Traveling to Ronda is traveling through history, during the conquest in 711 it was the settlement of new Arab and Berber settlers, as well as a historical and monumental legacy. 

At the time, the architectural work par excellence were the Arab baths, and the Giant’s palace house. It reaches its maximum splendor in the period of the Nasrid kingdom of Granada.

We propose 2 days in the city of Ronda to be able to enjoy its cultural and gastronomic wealth, an Andalusian legacy that makes Ronda one of the places that we should not miss, and a Romantic Ronda.

Accompanied by a private guide from Ronda who will show you the most special places in the city, a legacy that you will know as the Arab Baths, Las Murallas or La Mina.

The Arab Baths – Hammam or bath of Ronda (cold, warm and hot room), in Islamic culture, has a double function as part of the religious ritual, and as a focus of social life, it is located at the foot of the disappeared bridge gate, in the San Miguel neighborhood.

The old town, crossing the Puerta de Carlos V, and the Puerta de la Cijara, being one of the entrances to Ronda in Muslim times. The Walls are of Arab origin, with views from the viewpoints are special.

The House of the Giant, Islamic house arranged around a central courtyard, with a possible pool. It conserves the old entrance that leads to the portico and north room, plasterwork decoration, ataurique and cursive or vegetal inscriptions. Modified structure although the original design of its layout remains intact. It is considered a miniature palace and one of the best preserved in Nasrid architecture. A typical algorithm is preserved, with remains of plasterwork similar to those found in the Peignoir  de La Alhambra de Granada.

You will meet the Romantic Round for the arrival in its day of famous writers and characters such as Ernest Hemingway and . The New Bridge, 98 meters high, and the Tagus gorge in the background, connecting the old quarter and the new part. From their balconies, the views of the houses hanging over the edge of the precipice are spectacular.

Spectacular and pretty bullring “Real Maestranza de Caballería de Ronda” . The Ronda Bullring was inaugurated  in 1785. Under the lines of the square are the history rooms of the Real Maestranza, the Bullfighting Museum and the Royal Saddlery of the House of Orleans.At the beginning of September the Goyesca is held, it is the main celebration of the Pedro Romero fair, organized by Francisco Rivera Ordóñez, who has collected the witness of his grandfather as a businessman of the Ronda bullring, the festivities are completed with the traditional bullfight of rejones and a bullfight without picadors for students of bullfighting schools. Spectacular costumes worn by Goya men and women. An exclusive experience.

Gastronomy in charming places, small taverns, in restaurants, on a terrace overlooking the Plaza de Toros, we will reserve or advise you on charming places.

Another reason why you should live  Ronda is to have an oenological experience on the second day, taking a vineyard route and wine tasting in wineries with a private tasting, or an oil tasting at La Organic, an exclusive Experience .

Exclusive visit to a pasture of bulls and horses, where you will discover with an exclusive guide (English / French / German / Spanish) of the farm, how the fighting bull and the Spanish purebred horse live. The bullfighter’s training area, chapel and bullfighting museum. You can have an aperitif.

Or, do a master class with the bullfighter and even be able to enjoy a private temptation. Something very exclusive so you can get to know the culture of Bullfighting.

Goyesca – bullfight in September – Exclusive experience- Private passes (check availability)

Ascari Private Car Circuit – An exclusive experience.

Ronda must be known. Tell us, and we’ll start designing your experience.

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