San Fermín 2023 . Are you coming ?

A private experience with the local people of Pamplona that we will wait for July 2023 to be able to celebrate it as it should be celebrated.


Captive Navarra, nature, desert, water and pure air. The History of a King is still present in landscapes, towns, castles … Gateway to the Camino de Santiago, millions of Pilgrims enter Pamplona on their Jacobean route through the Magdalena Bridge, a Medieval bridge. Olite, Tafalla, Puente La Reina or Roncesvalles, dream places in Navarra.



The capital of the Old Kingdom, maintains its history and rich heritage intact. One of the best preserved Renaissance walled complexes in Europe. Fortín de San Bartolomé, Bastion of Labrit, Ronda del Obispo Barbazán, Baluarte del Redín, Portal de Francia, Paseo de Ronda, La Taconera Park, its Citadel, the first built in the Peninsula. Green city, one of the greenest cities in Spain, with its parks and gardens, Parque de la Media Luna, with its Plaza del Castillo, Town Hall, Santo Domingo Market, Cathedral, one of the mandatory places of passage, Church of San Lorenzo , where the Chapel of San Fermín is located. Baroque palaces, medieval churches and all this while we enjoy a good pintxo in one of its bars.

Town Hall

And from July 6 to July 14, Pamplona becomes the capital of the world, with the meeting of different cultures, the city that welcomes and does not make anyone feel strange. The people of Pamplona have an open and participative character, hospitable, what we ask is that you participate in the party, making it yours, but with great respect for others.

The festival of San Fermín is found in every corner of the streets of Pamplona, ​​12,240 minutes, 204 hours of joy and unique experiences. Since Ernest Hemingway, fell in love with them and immortalized them in 1926 in his book “Fiesta” (The Sun Also Rises) the Nobel Prize, the North American journalist and novelist transmitted that joy to the whole world, and nobody wants to stop “Living some Sanfermines in your life “

It is the Bull Fair – It is one of the main axes around which the Pamplona festivals revolve. Created in 1959, the world’s first fair to dedicate an award to the best bull each year. A different bullring, the bull and bullfighter merge in the joy of the festivities. El Tendido del Sol, where the party coexists with bullfighting.

Encierro- Pamplona

You are going to live the previous days, days where the excitement of the preparation of the festivities is experienced in each house, days with a great Pre-Sanferminero atmosphere with the local people.

From July 5 to July 8 you can live some unique sanfermines.

We will unite culture and history with its gastronomy and the San Fermín festivities


Pamplona is synonymous with good food and good raw materials: asparagus, beltza mushroom, piquillo peppers, artichokes, thistle, buds, borage, poached beans, cheese, chistorra, stuffing, veal, lamb and sparrow from Navarra, game, good Navarrese wine , cider and, as an after-dinner, their pacharán.


In its premises or restaurants you will see a showcase of local gastronomic tradition and avant-garde. San Fermín’s traditional fest, is not just any festival, it is a week in which Pamplona opens up to the world

Live their Moments”



You must perform the ritual of the handkerchief, until it sounds: … Pamploneses … Pamplonesas … “VIVA SAN FERMÍN” IRUINDARRAK , GORA SAN FERMIN” and the rocket explodes the joy of the people in the most international festivals in the world.

Chuss- Pañuelo

They will meet Comparsa de Gigantes y Cabezudos. The parade takes place to the sound of the parades and is made up of Cabezudos, Kilikis and Zaldikos who are making way for 8 figures of about four meters in height that represent four couples of kings and queens; European, Asian, African and African American. Each giant is followed by a band of pipers, except for the last figure, the African-American queen, who is followed by txistularis.

Las Peñas, which are the ones that fill the streets with music and color during the festivities. The Fireworks at Night are one of the great shows that join this party of color.

Mixing with the people of Pamplona is to experience the party as it should be lived. It is one of the most familiar parties and dedicated to the whole family that can be known.


The Encierro is one of the symbols of the Sanfermines, 848.6 meters of “Emotion” running of bulls and young men through the streets of Pamplona. Race that begins when the clock on the south tower of the Church of San Saturnino strikes 8:00 o’clock in the morning. At this moment the first rocket is launched from the corralillos in Santo Domingo.

The atmosphere with the Pamplonesa and her songs before the rocket sounds at 8:00 am and the confinement begins, is worth enjoying. Once the runners and bulls arrive, the arena welcomes the traditional release of heifers.

Once finished you will have breakfast after the Encierro. Chocolate with Churros in one of the classic places in Pamplona

On July 7th is the day of the Saint, of the Procession on the Big Day of the festivities. “San Fermín” which is found all year round in the Parish of San Lorenzo, goes out to the streets to receive the affection of the people of Pamplona , accompanied by the entourage.

Trip- experience San Fermín


  • Accommodation and Buffet Breakfast in a Double Room Villava Hotel 3 * Sup (12 minutes from the city center by bus)
  • Book “Lunch” before the Txupinazo
  • Local guide Spanish / English or French ” “Pamplona and Bull Route”
  • Tourist Insurance

Special Attentions

  • Responsible for Sonríe Travel in Pamplona, ​​during your trip
  • App “Travel Angel”
  • Personalized guide to Pamplona and San Fermín
  • iruna card
  • San Fermín T-shirt and Scarf (designed by Sonríe Travel)

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Maximum 18 people (private group)


Reservations until May 15


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